Scams Guide:

How to build a Next-Gen APP Solution

The evolution of scams has made detection tools like device and location redundant – so what does a best-practice scam solution look like today?

Scams are like viruses, mutating to fit their environment. Fraudsters, wise to the fact that businesses are using device and location intelligence to detect fraud, are increasingly moving to authorised push payment (APP) fraud to avoid detection, duping their victims into making payments to them through romance scams, impersonation scams and the like.

APP fraud is nothing new, but volumes are increasing fast and they’re notoriously difficult to detect:

  • It’s often the trusted customer making the payment, so it may appear normal
  • The customer believes the payment is genuine, so may well ignore security alerts
  • Fraudsters play on a victim’s concern or sense of urgency, which can make it very hard for financial institutions to interrupt a customer’s payment transaction
  • Real-time payments mean the money leaves the customer’s account immediately, making it very hard to trace or recover

So how are businesses outwitting the fraudsters and protecting their customers and organisations against scams?

Download this guide to learn how layering defences, such as transaction monitoring, behavioural analytics, shared intelligence, victim profiling and additional contextual data, can make a real difference to your APP fraud detection rates, as well as understand:

  • The three main categories of scams
  • The key business challenges to detecting and blocking APP fraud
  • How we can help you build a strategic scam solution for your business

For one Tier 1 UK bank, our scam model drove more than a 141% uplift in scam value on mobile payments in just one month.

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